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Penthouse USA - December 2017

Пентхаус является одним из самых известных журналов для взрослых мужчин, провокационно представляя красивых женщин со всего мира. Это издание особенно известно за его эротические фотографии и содержание хардкор. Спреды в пентхаусе всегда яркие, подробные и красочные, и уверены, чтобы удовлетворить ожидания своих читателей. Каждый выпуск журнала предлагает статьи про мужской образ жизни, подвергаются по темам, в том числе мода, автомобили, музыка и эксклюзивные интервью. Команда в Пентхаус представляет каждый выпуск с волнением и радостью, чтобы быть предсказуемым в этом надежным ресурсом для мужчин.

Penthouse is one of the premiere adult men’s magazines, presenting provocative and explicit spreads of beautiful women from around the world. This publication is particularly known for its pornographic pictorials and hardcore content. The spreads in Penthouse are always vibrant, detailed, and colorful, and are sure to satisfy its readership’s expectations. Every issue of the magazine also offers men’s lifestyle articles, subjected on topics including fashion, cars, music, and exclusive interviews. The team at Penthouse is dedicated to providing subscribers with the excitement and pleasure that has come to be predictable in this reliable resource for men.


8: FORUM - This month’s reader exploits.
10: THE DEDRIEF - Curated news from around the world.
18: DOWNLOAD - The Internet of Things.
20: MUSIC - Mr. Versatility, Wesley Stace. By Chris Collingwood
22: MAN OF THE MOMENT - Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro.
24: CRUSH - Babeo Baggins, banjo babe.
26: FILM - Overbudget nightmares that were well worth it. By Sarah Walker
28: GAMING - Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition.
30: WEIRD HISTORY - One counterfeiter who drove the Secret Service nuts. By Michael Hingston
32: POLE POSITION - Is it okay to pick up strippers in a club?
36: RETRO PICTORIAL - A look back at Penthouse Pets of the past.
42: A RISING STAR IN TEXAS - Our unlikely new champion of renewable energy. By Geoff Dembicki
48: HIGH MAINTENANCE - The Wolf of Weed Street, Jason Spatafora By Mish Barber-Way
50: VOICE OF REASON - The day Brown University outlawed sex. By Alan M. Dershowitz
52: IN THE GARDEN OF EVA - December Pet of the Month, Eva Lovia
72: ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIE GOLF COORSES - The end of golf as an elitist sport. By Drew Millard
80: CYBERCUTIE - CyberCutie Zara Jade.
86: GOLDEN BOY - Goldmoney Inc. cofounder Josh Crumb.
90: PET TESTED, PET APPROVED - Sex toy reviews from the experts.
92: STOCKS AND BONDAGE - Jenny Nordbak’s secret year in an L.A. dungeon.
94: PAIRING NICELY - Abigail Mac and Cameron Dee have a girls’ night in.
104: HOT LINES - Leah McSweeney keeps us in check.
106: AFTER A DAY OF STUPID... - Our search for stuff that won’t dent your IQ.
100: SPECIAL SPREAD - Paige Evans invites us into her space.
114: SHE DESERVES IT - Spoil her rotten this holiday season.
116: YOUR HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE - Treat yourself before your head explodes.
110: EMBRACE THE SUCK - Over here, “safe" training saves lives. Over there, it ends them. By Matt Gallagher
124: YOU LET ME DOWN - Too much honesty is driving us crazy. By Joe DeRosa

Издательство: General Media Communications
Год издания: 2017
Жанр: Мужской журнал
Формат: True PDF
Язык: Русский
Качество: Отличное
Иллюстрации: Цветные и чёрно-белые
Страниц: 134
Размер: 114 Мб

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