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Good Woodworking №328 (February 2018)

Издание, целиком посвященное столярному делу, в каждом номере предлагает обзоры и тесты инструментов, оборудования, материалов, новые технологии и оригинальные проекты бытовой и специальной мебели для мастерской, дачи, дома, квартиры, гаража. Все изделия, модели и поделки представлены понятными схемами и чертежами, практически не требующими глубокого знания английского языка.


26 Piece of the puzzle
Inspired by his love of Sudoku puzzles. Jonathan Hicks sets about making a coffee table that relies on the same mathematical principles
38 Solving a storage problem
Faced with an untidy understairs area plagued by shoes, coats and all manner of cleaning ‘quipment. Dave Long decides to take matters into his own hands as he designs and builds a bespoke storage solution to hide and house the offending items
56 A home forthe bees
David Manger does his bit for the bees and shows you how to make your very own colourful insect hotel complete with nesting areas for this endangered species
68 Make some noise!
George Carlson builds a wonderful Aztec drum for his grandson, which is a simple box construction with a few added elements
74 Walk on through
Phil Davy’s sturdy side gate is made using softwood and features heavy hardware
80 Chase the rainbow
Les Thorne's lamp base, which is turned in ash then sprayed using various coloured spirit stains, is sure to brighten up any room

22 Routing fire doors for an intumescent strip
If you need to fit an intumescent strip to a fire door, then Trend's extensive range of cutters across three ranges will ensure you get the job done properly
24 Why your bandsaw blades fail
The tech team at Baileigh Industrial offer their expert advice on bandsaw blade failure
34 Bleak House
The antidote to winter blues, says Dave Roberts, is a splash of natural colour and a pinch of frittery and indulgence
51 The properties of wood
All species of wood are different, and we have to take this into consideration when working it. Here. Peter Bishop explores these properties that affect how we work with this wonderful material

44 Rhythms of life
Barrie Scott visits the Brikama Craft Village in West Africa to find out more about how Djembe drums are traditionally made
46 Centrefold
Simon Morris' stunning Scottish burr elm cabinet holds a secret...
62 Flying the flag for young furniture-making talent
Since being crowned Britain’s 'most deserving young woodworker' by David Savage in 2016, we learn how Katherine McConnell's furniture-making career is going from strength to strength
90 Fixing a hole
Make your own therapy

14 Mafell MT5518M BL cordless plunge saw
17 Wixey WL133 pillar drill laser
18 Antex Fire Writer pyrography kit
73 Trend Stealth half mask

8 News
12 Courses
13 Readers'ads
58 Letters & Makers
73 Around the House
89 Next month

Издательство: MyTimeMedia Ltd.
Год издания: 2018
Жанр: Деревообработка, сделай сам
Формат: True PDF
Язык: Английский
Качество: Отличное
Иллюстрации: Цветные
Страниц: 92
Размер: 19.7 Мб

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